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This Is How We Met: Renee Johnson Fisher's Story

I recently connected with Renee via Ed Cyzewski. Renee's latest book Not Another Dating Book just came out at the beginning of this month and Ed thought she and I might have a few things to talk about. Which, indeed, we did. I enjoyed hearing about how God worked behind the scenes in Renee's life and the timing in meeting her husband.

I was single pretty much my whole life. For 8 years nothing I did worked. When I realized that God was giving me the freedom to forge my own identity, I gave in.

Instead of waiting around for Mr. Right, I went back to college. I let nothing stand in the way of discovering my God’s purpose for my life. I worked to find the significance that was missing. I got a dream job at Outreach Events to help churches nationwide. I even published my first book—a daily devotional for 20’somethings called “Faithbook of Jesus.”

When that wasn’t enough, I asked God a husband for the millionth time. I honestly don’t know where I got the desire but, back at the age of 15, I told God my husband was late. For years all I got was silence. The time wasn’t right yet.

I hated the yet, and yet the more I waited, the more I realized I wasn’t ready yet. I think that was the most humbling part. Admitting God knows better. His timing is better. You know the verse.

Still, after a while, I got tired of waiting.







I had done everything to get a date.

I tried online dating.

I tried dating guys from other churches.

My friends tried hooking me up.

I even asked my parents to set me up.

Nothing I did worked.

So I wrote a book. I called it “Not Another Dating Book” and right after I submitted it to my editor I met Marc.

I was leading a small group for 20-somethings through my church and we had one spot left. Marc was introverted, quiet, and super deep. Every time he spoke up—I found myself leaning in more closely.

Is he leaning?”

10 points to anyone who can guess that movie quote (it’s one of my favorites).

I get teary eyed every time I tell this story because my mom was praying along with me for a mate. I hated how she told me over and over to stop searching. I’m not the kind of girl to not do something. When God brought him into my life—literally into my living room—it was the kind of love story that I knew my mom would be proud of. And of course me too!

When Marc asked me out I was flabbergasted. Somebody liked me—finally! I seriously thought he liked my best friend, Amy, who was also in the group. He didn’t. He was just waiting to ask me out. He said it was after reading my blog that he really fell for me. All that passion and risk he saw me take drew him to me.

MarcandReneeFisherIt was as if God had this restore button in heaven. Every date I went on I was learning what my editor asked me to change that week in my book, “Not Another Dating Book.”
I think God likes to show off.

I really do.

Marc proposed 12 years, 10 months, and 24 days to the day God promised me a husband when I was 15. Yes, I waited. Yes, it felt like forever, but if it weren’t for God’s timing I would never have an amazing ministry given to me by God to reach singles.


Renee Johnson Fisher is a spirited speaker and writer to twenty-somethings. She is the author of “Faithbook of Jesus” and “Not Another Dating Book,” that releases  this month. She and her husband Marc live in Escondido, CA where they hope to adopt a big dog soon.