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This Is How We Met: Anne Bogel's Story


"When we talk about settling the world's problems, we're barking up the wrong tree.  The world is perfect.  It's a mess.  It has always been a mess.  We are not going to change it.  Our job is to straighten out our own lives." - Joseph Campbell


She and I sit over a cup of coffee

We're solving the world's problems, we joke

Because of course our solutions are right

Whether world peace or what to wear on our next dates

Lofty goals, maybe

But it's easier to see problems

From the outside looking in

Than examine what's inside


Enough about me, I say

Though, really, I've only grazed the surface

Time to retreat to safety and turn the tables

I stretch my hand across

To comfort, to console

I won't try to fix you, at least I don't think

The questions I ask you, I ask myself

In listening to you, I listen to me

But letting you ask the questions?

I'm not ready


Every time the rain lashes out

I wonder where the homeless find shelter

This question keeps tugging

Systems are in place, to help or to maintain

Maybe even limit

It's not hard to see Contributor vendors

And believe my $1 tip is enough (in)action

Be the change, I admonish myself

Be the freaking change

But it's months later and I still haven't acted


The To Do list is ever long


I stick to the tasks I know, slowly branching out

I incorporate all of life that way

Adding a friend here and there

Trying something new

Dipping a toe into the unknown

Seeing how brave I am the day before, the day of

Voicing in-the-moment concerns out loud

Instead of quietly puzzling through

The easier route needles me

Vulnerability is risky business

Even for me

Especially for me

But it's worth it every time


And so I invite you to iron the wrinkles

Turn the tables on me

It's time for straightening

To be the me I'm meant to be

Change, I whisper within

This corner of the world

Messy in perfection

Invites you in for tea


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