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What I'm Into (May Edition)



I picked up my first ever CSA share a couple of weekends ago. I'm looking forward to eating so many quality fruits and vegetables the next few months. I'm doing a half share through Delvin Farms. I'm completely enamored.

Ah, May. You treated me well.

Read and Reading: 

I read the first chapter of An Altar in the World (Taylor) and knew I'd need my own copy. I loved the way Barbara Brown Taylor ushers her readers along as she describes spiritual practices. Truly soul-stirring. I'm reading her much acclaimed Leaving Church now.

My head was spinning after I read Under the Banner of Heaven (Krakauer). Primarily about two murders committed by fundamentalist Mormons, the book also delves into LDS history and the various sects that split off once the church revoked its polygamous ties. Equal parts fascinating and disturbing. I've never read Krakauer before and this was a good, albeit at times biased, introduction. Now I want to read up on LDS and FLDS and see what's what.

Currently reading: Half the Church (James), Life Itself (Ebert), Troubling A Star (L'Engle), When Helping Hurts (Corbett and Fikkert) and The War of Art (Pressfield).

(I read 9 books this month.)

TV: A few spoiler-free season finale reactions...

So, I've never mentioned Hart of Dixie because I didn't know if I'd keep watching. But Zoe, Wade, and the gang have won me over. Mostly Wade.

I reacted to Once Upon A Time's finale over at SortaCrunchy's fabulous OUAT Tuesday post.

My jaw dropped at the end of the Vampire Diaries and Revenge finales. Shocking. So many questions and possibilities. I. Cannot. Wait.

So You Think You Can Dance is back! Happiness abounds. If the first audition is any indication, it's going to be an amazing season.

Breaking Pointe premiered last night. Love!

The White Sox swept the Cubs. And it was good.

Favorite Video:

Now this is a version of this song I'll listen to. I hope someone signs Noah soon!


Oh my word. Beautiful, inventive proposal. I was teary eyed by the end.



New discovery: Bison may be described as mountaintop chamber music but I describe them as awesome. 

I've been listening to my friend Laura's 4/28 mix CD pretty much nonstop. She gave it out to all her bridesmaids. We have crazy similar music taste.

Musicians Corner is back! There's plenty of food trucks and now they even have a beer and wine garden. Plus, an amazing and varied line-up of musicians. For those unable to go, NoiseTrade has a nice sampler.

A new song from Sixpence None the Richer. Yay!


What have you been into this month?

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