A Change of Pace
The Summer I Learned To Play Catch

Strength In Breaking

3755367198This poured out of me the other night and since Amanda said she'd hurt me if I didn't share more poetry...

One of my strengths is the ability to sit with others in their darkest moments but when it comes to my loved ones, I would give anything to make it better. This is how I live in the tension.

I will away tears

    dripping down my face

Rivers of sorrow crisscross cheeks

Eyes squeeze shut

    searching for strength

And open to look into Grief's beholder

I cannot undo this for her

I hate this for her

I am helpless

These eyes of mine continue their leaking

Saying what is unsaid

We sit together and

    I listen

I see

    strength in shouldering her burden

In letting her see me break

    on her behalf