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What I'm Into (August 2013 Edition)

So many firsts and changes but the Pixie Cut tops them all. It's been a few weeks now and I still love it!


Read and Reading:

I've long appreciated Rachel Held Evans's thoughtfulness and insights when it comes to the Christian faith. Her willingness to ask hard questions has meant a great deal to my own journey. This is nowhere more clear than in A Year of Biblical Womanhood, in which she asks what biblical womanhood really means and whether there's such a thing. (Hint: it's a social construct.) Month by month, she tackles virtues and tasks, ranging from purity codes to hospitality. She learns a lot about herself in the process and as a result, I couldn't help but self-reflect. A hopeful, affirming, deft work.

I couldn't stop talking about Christianity for the Rest of Us (Butler Bass), a look at the ways the mainline church is flourishing. The author spent 3 years interviewing and attending Protestant churches, which resulted in a very hopeful, encouraging look at the state of the church- one that often counters the evangelical opinion. I especially appreciated hearing more about core practices and the history of the mainline church. Very helpful as I begin my own foray into a mainline congregation.

Just Like Family (Blaine) examines the world of nannying. The author spent 5 years interviewing nannies and the book focuses on 3 of their stories. While the 3 profiled do have interesting stories, I'm not sure they're the best representation of the industry. An interesting (detrimental) thread was how co-dependent all 3 nannies are and how that played out in their work and personal lives. A more well-rounded approach would include someone who is not documented, as well as someone who gets along well with their employer. (I had no idea how lucky I was in that regard.)

I cannot say enough good things about my dear friend Addie Zierman's When We Were On Fire. Amazing, beautiful memoir. Full review coming soon. It's definitely going to be the next Leigh Loves It giveaway.

You can see all the books I've read at Goodreads

Currently reading:  Eat With Joy (Stone), O Me of Little Faith (Boyett), Christianity After Religion (Butler Bass), The Butcher and the Vegetarian (Weaver), Letters to a Young Poet (Rilke), Joy the Baker, Walking on Water (L'Engle),  Feast (Lawson).

(I read 8 books this month.)



Must-see TV: So You Think You Can Dance, Breaking Pointe, Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey 

Bravo's got me watching Eat, Drink, Love about 5 single women in the LA food industry. If anyone ever throws me a birthday party like the one they gave Brenda, I'll make them pay.

Ben Stiller is bringing Reality Bites to the small screen. Don't screw it up!



The Way Way Back may be my favorite movie of the year. A coming of age story, it has a stellar cast and awesome soundtrack. I laughed super hard and yep, I cried a bit, too. Warning: you might hate Steve Carell and you'll probably develop a mad crush on Sam Rockwell.



New discoveries: Marc Broussard

I'm not a Lana del Rey fan but Young & Beautiful was used for an amazing routine on So You Think You Can Dance and I can't get it out of my mind.

2013-08-22 21.44.53
I saw Matthew Perryman Jones and SHEL at the Belcourt last week. Such a good show. Whenever MPJ plays O Theo, I swear all is right with the world.

Don't forget you can listen to the What I'm Into 2013 Spotify playlist.


Things I Love:

  • My new iPhone- typing is getting easier but I'm not using both hands yet
  • Apps like Voxer (my one true love) and Instagram
  • Aaron from SYTYCD. He's not a thing but...yes, please.

2013-08-08 19.35.54-2

  • Antonia Terrazas stopped through town before moving to Durham. We didn't have nearly enough time together but it was such a blast hanging out. I loved meeting her good friend Alia, too. Given how awesome they are at 23, I can only imagine what's in store for them in the coming years.
  • I had fun shopping in Franklin with my friend Heather, who also stopped through town. At one boutique, we found old books cut into the shape of letters and promptly wondered how soon we could make our own.
  • My counselor- granted sessions are not akin to skipping through the meadow with unicorns but good stuff is coming out of it. I'm so grateful to have found her.
  • Playdates in parks
  • Serving up fried pickles to friends and watching The NeverEnding Story. Note: if you'd like that movie to remain pristinely nostalgic, do not re-watch it.
  • Stately Sandwiches- a sandwich for each of the 50 states. The one for Illinois is spot on!
  • The September Edition. InStyle and Vogue, to be exact. All 16oo+ combined pages of glory.
  • Ginger everything
  • The tea cup chandelier at Thistle Stop Cafe. Plus, their impressive tea collection and delicious lunch.
  • Making my first batch of vegetable stock, using odds and ends of vegetables (that would otherwise be discarded) as suggested by Tamar Adler in An Everlasting Meal. It turned out beautifully!




On The Blog:

My biggest news is that I'll be the Book Club Editor for SheLoves Magazine. We're figuring out the details and plan on unveiling our first pick soon. I'm so excited!


UPDATE: 67 amazing people linked up last month! Y'all are blowing my mind. If you link up, please visit and comment on at least 2 other posts. I will keep doing my best to read every single one.


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What have you been into this month?

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