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The Enneagram and Blogging: Type One

The Enneagram and Blogging: A Series

The Enneagram and Blogging via Leigh Kramer
A few months ago I was talking to a friend about her Enneagram type. Like I do. She was talking about her struggles as a 3 and then the conversation turned to blogging. She said she sometimes feels disingenuous because she writes for an audience and shared some details around this. But as I told her, one of the gifts of a 3 is their ability to communicate to an audience. It's not a liability; it's a gift or, at least, it can be when she is at her best, healthiest self.

It made me wonder whether our Enneagram type influences how we blog. I could see the way this rang true for me, as a 4. There may be some overlap but our type predicts our primary struggles and celebrations in all areas of our lives. Including blogging.

In December, I sent out a brief survey to bloggers who reported they also knew their Enneagram type. In the coming weeks, I'll walk you through the results of each type.

I was a sociology major in college so I hasten to add this is not an official study. The sample size was way too small, for one. About 5-10 people responded per type. For another, it wasn't anonymous, which tends to elicit more honest answers. I'm not saying respondents weren't honest, just that the way I conducted this survey went against most of what I learned in college. And for good reason: no one is paying me to do this, nor do I have time to conduct a "real" study. All the same, the feedback was fascinating and worth sharing.

I also have no way of knowing whether people really knew their Enneagram type. While the answers of most respondents were consistent with their type, at times they were not. This could be reflective of our unique individuality within our type or it could indicate they do not actually know their type. In this instance, it was not for me to judge.

For each analysis, I will list bloggers who identify as that particular Enneagram type. This does not mean they participated in the survey. The survey results will remain anonymous, unless I have requested permission otherwise.

To learn more about the Enneagram and how to determine your type, please read my overview post.

I'm grateful so many people allow me to geek out over the Enneagram on a regular basis. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you here.


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