Some Poems I Wrote in High School
What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition)

Some Poems I Wrote in College

One of the best and worst parts about moving is finding stuff you've forgotten about and the stuff you hold on to, even though you never look at or use it anymore. Some years ago I carefully transcribed the poems I wrote in high school and college into a spiral journal and in the years since, I've added scraps and fragments written here and there. Some of the poems are good, most are just plain angsty, all are a record of my then-life. Here are a few I wrote in college. (Some poems I wrote in high school.) I promise this is the last of them!



The rhythmic pattern beats time on my soul

A lulling pinprick of sound,

it reassures with perfect clarity

That time's metronome must forge on

To bring new life to past's promises.

Small, simplistic

Yet somehow this gives me peace.

           -August 1, 2000 (OK, this one I love. Rain is my favorite.)




She stands in a red shirt and jeans

While he's dressed in a striped shirt and shorts

His cell phone pokes out of a pocket,

A pack of cigarettes peek out from their home in his shirt.

They look forward, frozen in time

Clasped in each other's arms.

She glows with happiness

It's obvious she loves this scene.

His face is lit up as well, echoing the same emotions.

Everything is perfect.


The tables turn, shining new light

Her blissful innocence stares out

But he-

Does his smile seem forced?

His arms seemed loving, protective-

But were they?

Maybe the cell phone rings, breaking the pose

He might speak to someone she doesn't know.

Maybe she will never know.

The idyllic moment passes by

Reality is her bothersome friend.

Everything was perfect.


Questions whirl around

No clear answer comes forth.

Where did the feelings go?

She never saw them leave.

He still looks out.

She still stares,

Then she sets down the picture and walks away.

Was it really perfect?

            -March 27, 2000 (Profound or pretentious? Maybe both. I still have the picture.)



A fragment

You confused me

And I somehow believed your

Eyes of wide innocence

Intently memorizing mine

You liked:

my hair, my smile, my body, my eyes

my personality, my clothes, my laugh


Silver tongued words floated around us.

You checked my tag and discovered

I was made in heaven

           -written sometime in 2001 or 2002 (because a pick-up line like this must be commemorated on the page)