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What I'm Into (October 2014 Edition)

2014-10-04 11.54.27-1Still lusting over Kristin's window seat and built-in bookshelves

"There is a lot of dwelling in this interim space. Dwelling and waiting are different things. To dwell is to believe that you are rooted for a time, perhaps a long time, and you create routine and method in this space. To wait is simply to anticipate, there is no need for routine or even method, except to distract." -Tables in the Wilderness, Preston Yancey

I've carried this passage with me since June when I inhaled the pages of Preston's book. I am in a season of dwelling and October has made that patently clear. There's been a big step forward (new part-time job!) but still much to figure out. And so I'm rooting myself in this space and believing in the fruition of time.


Read and Reading

Moriarty is in her element with Big Little Lies. Nearly impossible to put down, I was kept guessing almost to the end. This is strong work with a satisfying resolution. Her exploration of a complicated issue (domestic violence) is to be commended. 

If you haven't yet read the Outlander series, it might be time to start. Book #8 Written in My Own Heart's Blood highlights Gabaldon's genius with the epic tale. Jamie and Claire have become akin to old friends and the progression of their story warmed my heart. But Gabaldon doesn't spare her characters from the reality of the time period(s), which results in a more honest albeit heart-gripping (or horrifying) plot twists. Here's hoping the next few years pass quickly until we have book #9 in our hands!

I don't normally read historical fiction but I'm glad I gave My Notorious Life (Manning) a chance. The style of dialogue and writing in general took some getting used to but I was quickly drawn into Axie's story. The honest depiction of childbirth, women's issues, and men's privilege forged Axie's path in life as a female doctor in the 1800s. Regardless of what you believe about birth control and abortion, you'll be moved by Axie's decisions and the ways they play out the rest of her days. 

I read Pastrix and I listened (twice) to her phenomenal interview on On Being with Krista Tippett.

We'll be discussing Writing Down the Bones (Goldberg) next month on The Red Couch. My introductory post will be up next week. Hope you'll join us!


You can see all the books I've read at Goodreads

Currently reading: We Make the Road By Walking (McLaren), Amazing Grace (Norris), New and Selected Poems: Volume 1 (Oliver), The Great Santini (Conroy), How to Be a Christian Without Going to Church (Bean)


(I read 10 books this month.)



Must-see TV: Madam Secretary, Real Housewives of New Jersey, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Once Upon a Time

I was skeptical about Jane the Virgin. The premise sounded so cheesy but I gave it a chance and it is quite possibly my new favorite show. It's also making me nostalgic for "also based on a telenovela" Ugly Betty.



New discoveries: Scars on 45

Last week my best friend and I went to see Tiffany (yes, that Tiffany) perform at Thistle Stop Cafe for their Thistle Thursday series. I loved singing along to her 80s hits but I was also blown away by her voice. She can sing. Like, really sing.

Listen to the What I'm Into 2014 playlist.


Things I Love:

  • I am completely obsessed with Serial, the new podcast from This American Life. Serial follows one true story over the course of the season, leaving us anxiously awaiting for a new installment each Thursday. How will the investigation end? Nobody knows but I'll be in it for the long haul. Start with episode 1 and work your way up.
  • I got to take care of nanny "baby" at the beginning of the month. It did both of us good to hang out for a day. Missed her so much.
  • I visited Kristin and Jason for a weekend, finally getting to see their new house. They're such good people. It was great catching up, talking Enneagram, and getting to be part of their world. I joined in on their monthly dinner party with friends and the food and conversation blew me away. I joked I was going to drive back every month for it and I'm not entirely sure I was kidding. Honorable mention: Jason's fancy cocktail making skills.
  • Coffee With Authors event with my friend Jen during the Southern Festival of Books. I didn't go to any other SFB events so I'm especially glad I carved out time for this one.
  • Finally meeting Ariel Lawhon! She is a true delight. We've followed each other on Twitter for some time and it was such a treat to trade stories and talk books. I'm glad we're transitioning to a real life friendship. Also, let the record show she greeted me with a bag of books. Somebody knows my love language!
  • Rebekah is good friends with many of my good friends so when she first moved to Nashville a couple of months back, I introduced myself via email. We grabbed coffee a couple of weeks ago and I walked away feeling inspired and hopeful.
  • Talking the night away with Amanda. She's one of the best people I know and my heart is always fuller after time together.

2014-10-25 18.57.42

  • Sarah Bessey is one of my dearest friends but she lives forever away in Canada. Last weekend she came to Indiana to speak so I drove up to spend time with her. I loved seeing her in action and treasured our stolen bits of conversation.
  • The other great part of my time in Indiana was getting to be with Mihee Kim-Kort and her family. Mihee is a fellow Deeper Story writer. Loved getting to know her and her husband better and I'm grateful they let me crash on their couch so the visit could happen.
  • Making caramel apples and carving pumpkins with my best friend's family. I love these fall traditions.
  • I'm a part-time legal assistant now. The job came together quickly and seamlessly. It's a brand-new world and I think it'll be a really good thing.
  • I have been wanting to get back on track with exercise for some time and yoga in the comfort of my home seems to be the best way of doing so. I'm doing a Mastermind & Body Program through Stay At Home Yoga and while I'm still not a perfect student (making space for exercise is haaaaard), the poses I've done so far have changed everything. I'm noticing a huge difference in my alignment and how my back feels when I sit and stand. Amazing.
  • Lore Ferguson has been a blog friend for a few years or more. She designed the header here . Her friendship and writing has meant the world to me. Monday I happened to see she was in town for a conference and we made a last-minute coffee date happen, which was truly magical. It wasn't nearly long enough but I'm glad we could finally be face to face.
  • Tam Hodge's molasses cookies! I couldn't stop eating them. It was so good catching up with her and hearing about her upcoming book.



Favorite Instagram:

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Decisions, decisions.

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On The Blog:

I wrote a love letter to myself, celebrating just how far I've come and showing off the pretty pictures my friend took of me.



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What have you been into this month?

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