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Introducing My Novel: A Storied Life {synopsis and cover reveal!}


My grandma died in June 2007 and it seems strangely appropriate for my first novel to release within days of the eleventh anniversary of her death. 

A Storied Life is not about my grandma but it is about Olivia and her grandmother. The idea for this story came from a few different places but without a doubt it is informed by own experience of loss, as well as my former career as a hospice social worker.

About a year after Grandma died, I started to think about the ways fiction grapples with grief and loss. I noticed how hospice was or, more often, wasn't portrayed in novels. I thought about how many people are unprepared when it comes to end of life issues.

I wanted to write a novel that explored this. How do we respond when we're faced with losing a loved one? What impact does this have on our lives? How can people come alongside us and what does it look like to receive their support?

Of course, when we're in the middle of turmoil, life keeps happening so naturally I wanted to give Olivia a love story, too. My friend Heatherly said she couldn't decide if A Storied Life was a tear-jerker that will make you laugh or a love story that will make you cry and honestly, I hope it's both because that's the truest reflection of life. It's both/and. 

Olivia has a lot to figure out about her life and I hope you enjoy reading her story.

This book had a winding road to publication. The first draft I finished in December 2011 is better for the years it lay fallow. It is so wild to finally be here. Imagine me flipping out every time I've seen my book listed on all the retailers and you have a good idea of what life has looked like for the past week. If there's anything you want to know about my self-publishing journey, let me know!

Now let's get to what you're really here for.

I'm so excited to share the synopsis and cover with you today! Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations blew me away with the cover design. I'm absolutely in love with it! I'm ready for this story to go out into the world on June 12.

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Thank you so much for cheering me on! It really means the world.



A Storied Life by Leigh Kramer

Release Date: June 12, 2018



“Live your own story. Make every moment count.”

Olivia Frasier grew up under the guidance of her grandmother's mantra: “Live a storied life.” The oft-repeated words gave her the courage to pursue art instead of working at the family bank until a mistake made in college altered the course of her life. Now, no one knows Olivia still paints. Not her friends. Not her staff at the art gallery. Certainly not her family.

She can ignore the twinge of unease, the regret that surfaces when Gram's mantra comes to mind, the question of whether this is all life has to offer.

When Gram announces she has terminal cancer—and names Olivia as her Power of Attorney for Healthcare—Olivia is thrust in to the world of hospice and dying wishes. Olivia may be the family’s black sheep but she is determined to see Gram through this, no matter the cost.

Faced with losing the one person on her side, Olivia clings to the knowledge that Gram's death will finally allow her to walk away from the family. And yet Gram is determined to impart one last lesson: let go of the past so she can live the life she’s meant to lead.

When Reagan walks into her art gallery, the timing couldn’t be worse. He’s everything Olivia ever dreamed of wanting but she has learned to settle for less when it comes to her relationships and career. At what point does owning your story outweigh the potential hurt?

Weaving together grief and beauty, humor and romance, A Storied Life will make you rethink life, love, and loss.

Please note: this book explores the death of a loved one by cancer and contains mentions of past sexual harassment and suicidal ideation that could potentially trigger certain audiences.


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