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What I'm Into (June 2018 Edition)


Book release bouquets 

June 2018 will forever go down as one of the most magical months of my life. My debut novel A STORIED LIFE went out into the world! I'm officially a novelist and also officially researching my next book. The reviews have been really positive and nothing beats hearing how much my story has resonated with someone. It's even better than I dreamed!


Read and Reading 

Susanna Kearsley’s novels build in the loveliest ways. I loved the way The Rose Garden examined Eva’s grief after the death of her sister and the way her found family took care of her. Plus, time travel! And intrigue! And a tea house that I wish was real so I could visit! Every part of this novel just plain worked for me.


I inhaled The Kiss Quotient! Could not put it down. Definitely a favorite contemporary romance of 2018! I just adored this one. It gave me so many feels. I still can’t believe this was Helen Hoang’s debut! I loved how she built her story. Stella and Michael were incredibly endearing characters. I loved how kind they were to one another and how they looked out for each other. Autistic econometrician heroine and Vietnamese-Caucasian escort hero- what’s not to love about this set up?! They have so much to teach one another. (Note: I’m neurotypical so I can't speak to the autism representation but this is an #ownvoices book.) 


Stalking Jack The Ripper (Maniscalco) lived up to all the buzz! I raced through this novel in a few hours, all because of the incomparable Audrey Rose. I loved that she cared about forensics as much as she cared about quality dresses. They’re not mutually exclusive and caring about how you look isn’t a negative, as she capably demonstrated. The mystery itself was creepy in the best ways- albeit bloodier than my typical books- and made me very glad I don’t live in Victorian-era London. The twists and turns kept me captivated, even though I guessed the big twist. It was such a compelling read, especially because of the character development and the way Audrey Rose chafed against societal expectations while defying them. However, as much as I loved Audrey Rose, I often wanted to strangle her. If there’s a serial killer on the loose, you don’t go to strange neighborhoods by yourself! I know it’s the title of the book but trying to actually stalk Jack the Ripper, especially on one's own, is more than a little naive and reckless. Still, I can't wait to read the next book in the series and see what more develops in her relationship with that dreamboat Thomas.


Librarian romance is my catnip! Bad Bachelor (London) was a fun and surprisingly moving read. It’s not perfect (heads up for bi-erasure) but it was filled with quirky, well-developed characters and backstories that made me want to know more. Reed and Darcy’s banter was on point (always the key to my heart) and I loved watching them go from reluctant colleagues to something more. I couldn’t put it down! 




My reading goal for 2018 is to read a good chunk of my unread books. I decided not to make a TBR stack for June and I have to say the freedom to read whatever unread shelf book I want really agrees with me. I'm not going to designate a TBR stack for July either. Why not?


You can see all the books I've read at Goodreads

Currently reading: This Is Where You Belong (Warnick), Hot Mess (Belden), The Library: A Catalogue Of Wonders (Kells),  The Line Becomes A River: Dispatches From The Border (Cantú), Unclaimed (Milan), Children Of Blood And Bone (Adeyemi), Visions Of Heat (this PNR series is so good on audiobook!)



The second season of Queer Eye is here! I've watched two episodes so far, which means I'm two for two on Episodes That Made Me Cry.

I started watching the comedy special Nanette on Netflix. I've been hearing such good things and I'm really impressed so far. I just need more time to watch! 



Bad Wolves' cover of Zombie is giving me so much life.

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Sarah MacLean had two great interviews in support of her new book Wicked And The Wallflower, which I cannot wait to read. Listen to her on The Wicked Wallflowers Club and Heaving Bosoms.

I loved Zoraida Córdova's episode on Write Or Die! I'm a big fan of her Brooklyn Brujas series, which I read this past month. She's also an amazing romance writer.

Really grateful for Pantsuit Politics and their coverage of the families separated at the border.

Pop Culture Happy Hour had a thoughtful episode about Anthony Bourdain's death by suicide. (It's the second half of the Tony Awards And Remembering Anthony Bourdain episode.)

The oh so darling Lucy Parker was on Smart Podcast Trashy Books! It was so fun to hear her voice and learn more about her writing inspiration. She is a delight to follow on Twitter, FYI.

The Bias Series from Smartest Person In The Room has made for interesting listening and I would encourage you to listen to the whole thing if you haven't already. I thought Episode 34: Stop Saying "Down There" was especially compelling.




  • I won a giveaway for Caraval, which I've been meaning to read for ages, and an ARC of Legendary from Paper Fury, one of my favorite bookstagram accounts. I can't wait to read them!


  • Drinks on Marijke's porch. Great conversation and the weather was perfect!


  • I went back to my hometown in the Chicago suburbs for book release week, which was one of my best decisions. Since I can work from anywhere, I might as well work there! 



  • Running into Laura and Junice at Starbucks! I was taking advantage of the wifi and getting work done when who should appear at my table?! It was so fun catching up.


  • Traditional dinner at Portillo's. Even though there's a location or two in the Twin Cities now, I swear it's just better at home.


  • Pangaea Joy tea at Cafe K'Tizo. I love the sunny colors of the teapots and this was a delicious chocolatey coconut tea to try!


  • Book Release Day!!! This was such a magical day. I wore my dress from Eshakti, which I adored. (The dresses are customizable and have pockets, y'all!) I went to Cafe K'Tizo in the morning and got my pot of tea while I caught up on all the social media mentions and promo stuff. I still cannot get over how the bookstagram and romance communities supported me that day. Plus, all my friends were posting about it. It was so much more than I ever could have hoped for! 


  • My best friend Erin and her kids took me out for lunch at Front Street Cantina...but at the Naperville location, since our usual location closed under strange circumstances. Same menu though so I got my usual burrito and was happy as can be. Then I stopped in at Adagio Tea and picked up some Irish Breakfast tea, since it was on the same block.


  • Laura, Ellie, and Donna took me out to dinner at Cellar Bistro. We toasted to the book and laughed loud and covered every topic under the sun. It was the best way to celebrate!


  • There has been so much positive feedback for A STORIED LIFE! Thank you to everyone who has let me know they've enjoyed reading it. If you wouldn't mind, would you take a minute to leave a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or any retailer that carries it? Reviews go so far in helping authors, especially self-published authors like me. Your review, positive or negative, only needs to be a sentence or two and it makes a big difference!


  • People are telling me they've requested my novel from their library and their libraries are actually ordering it!! This makes me downright giddy. I'm going to put together a blog post soon listing the libraries I know about so please let me know if your library has it.


  • Browsing at Prairie Path Books.


  • Burger Social with Heather. She got me balloons! It was so much fun to catch up. Plus, they have the best Old Fashioneds there.


  • Mago with Megan. Amazing tableside guacamole and I got a tequila mojito that was perfection. Always so good to see my MFC!


  • Cornerstone Used Books. I got into trouble but there were so many books I've been needing to own and wanting to read!


  • My hair stylist remembered that my novel was going to be published. She must take notes on her clients or something! I was so touched when she asked about it.


  • My dear friend Karin, whom I've known since we were freshman in high school, took me out for lunch at Good Earth and then we went to see the play Underneath The Lintel at Latte Da Theater in Minneapolis to celebrate my book release. It was a great, funny play about a librarian! Unexpectedly meaningful too. Then we got iced tea at Spyhouse Coffee. It was such a wonderful time. She is such a thoughtful friend!




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Breaking News: Woman Takes Library Books With Her On Vacation

Look. Until April I had NEVER traveled with library books and although there are some horror stories out there, many people thought this was silly so I threw caution to the wind and took one on my trip. Which I didn’t even get the chance to read but whatever. The point is the book was fine and I was fine. 

This time around I’m filling my beloved @overduepod tote with not one but three library books because I am wild and carefree! 😂 I’m heading to my hometown to celebrate my book release (ah!!!!!!!) and I cannot wait to be with my people. Do you travel with library books??

Joining @simoneandherbooks to share #awildbookishlife.


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